It's our movement. Our journey to the Assembly starts with your support. 



Community Organizations

Community Leaders

Delaine Eastin, State Superintendent (fmr)

Evelyn Gonzalez, San Leandro School Board
Mackenzie Cin, Student Board Member, SLUSD
Consuelo Lara, Contra Costa County BOE

Dianne Jones, Fremont School Board
Mike Kusiak, Castro Valley School Board
Sheldon Gen, Petaluma School Board
Alicia Gonzalez, San Lorenzo School Board
Sam Medina, San Lorenzo School Board
Janet Zamudio, San Lorenzo USD (fmr)
Michael Tsai, Milpitas USD
Tay Anderson, Denver School Board

Stay tuned for major endorsements!


Freethought Equality Fund
Run for Something

Jonathan Cook, Democratic Party Advocate
Joshua Ochoa, Student Activist
Alondra Esquivel-Garcia, Student Activist
Andrew Carrillo, Student Activist
Emily Breslin, Transportation Planner
Patty Breslin, San Leandro 2050 Co-Founder
Jada Zapata
Aubury Freed
Arjav Rawal
Kalvin Alvarez